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The Jody Hughes Library

The Jody Hughes Library, located down stairs at the MAC, is an impressive place for a community the size of ours! It all began in 1993 when Jody Hughes and her friends were talking about the need for a library. Jody said, “Let’s do it!” and they did. The first “library” was in a closet on the second floor of the MAC. Each night they would lock the closet door and put the key under the planter in case anyone wanted a book before they could get there to unlock the closet. Book donations poured in from friends and neighbors making space an issue. When the exercise equipment was moved out of the MAC, Jody sought the space eagerly for the library. She had been the Chair of the Library Committee since its inception until recently when Jody moved to Delaware to be closer to her family.  Mary McGann is the present Chair. Jody and her committee have spent countless hours cataloging books, arranging them on the shelves, and creating a pleasing, appealing place for the property owners at Sea Trail.  In honor of the vision and dedication of Jody Hughes, the Jody Hughes Library plaque is placed proudly at its entrance.


Today the Library Committee is made up 41 dedicated volunteers chaired by Mary McGann and Mary Brown. It has no officers and no meetings. Each member works two weeks per year on the various tasks that need to be accomplished. Books are loaned out on the honor system.  Donations of hard cover and paperback books are gratefully received; only fiction, autobiography and biography can be accepted due to limited shelf space.  All books must be in good condition and odor-free.

Access to the Library is with the White Property Owner Key Card.

If you have further questions about the Library or are interested in working on the committee, please contact Mary McGann at 579-8289 or Mary Brown at 575-7322.

Front Room

Back Room


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