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Rules of Play

  1. The rules of the USGA shall govern play
  2. Whenever conditions dictate, and as may be established by Sea Trail Corporation, local rules will be adopted and posted.
  3. No more than four (4) players are allowed per tee time.  The Golf Department may at their discretion, allow more than four (4) players per tee time, provided such actions do not impede the normal flow of play.
  4. Golfers should observe all rules of golf etiquette.
  5. Proper golfing attire is required for all players and riders.  Sport shirts, golf shirts, turtleneck shirts, Bermuda length shorts/skorts are considered proper attire.  No jeans, tank tops or halter tops will be permitted.  Heeled shoes and waffle soled running shoes are not permitted.  The Golf Department reserves the right to refuse to allow anyone to play who does not conform to the dress code.
  6. Each golfer must have a set of clubs.  No two players may play out of the same golf bag.  Rental clubs are available in both Golf shops.
  7. Players must replace divots, repair ball marks on the greens, and rake bunkers after playing from them.  Players should not climb on the steeply sloped bunker walls.
  8. Players should play at a reasonable pace at all times.  Slow play is considered a violation of golf etiquette.  Slow play may, at the discretion of the Golf Department, result in the removal of the responsible party from the golf course.  Golfers are encouraged to be prepared to hit their shot as soon as it is their turn. 
    •  Groups should not linger on a green after play is completed. 
    • Carts should be moved to positions that allow a quick exit from the green area after play is completed, rather than being left in areas of play of the subsequent group. 
    • Subsequent groups of golfers should be allowed to play through provided that: a) the subsequent group must wait for the players group to complete play an; b) that there is one or more open holes between the player's group and the preceding group. 
    • Please note the maximum amount of time to search for a lost ball is five (5) minutes.  This maximum time should only be taken when play is not being impeded for other players.
  9. Please observe the exit poles located on the fairway for proper exiting from the fairway.
  10. Practice is allowed on the driving range and practice putting greens only.  Fairways, greens and tees will not be used for practice under any circumstance.
  11. No bicycles, skateboards or vehicles other than Sea Trial Corporation golf carts and maintenance equipment/vehicles are allowed on the course or carts paths.  Hikers and joggers are not permitted on the course at any time.
  12. At all times, pets and domestic animals are prohibited from the club facilities and from being on the golf course(s) including the cart paths.
  13. Golfers must respect the rights of property owners along the golf course.
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